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over the long hours and days that you be at the trade show. Your company might make computers or luxury automobiles. You might sell scrub brushes. You could retail the finest gems found on the Indian sub continent. It doesn really matter. When you at a trade show, what you selling is YOU. Today buyers are nervous. They been through the dot com bubble. They seen Enron blow up and corporate scandal follow corporate scandal. Yet they still have to do business. How do they know who they can trust? There will always be a due diligence component to business, but a surprising amount of decisions are made by people their gut. During those crucial first minutes where you checking out the attendee, they checking you out. They are, perhaps unconciously, assessing what they perceive as your intentions and motivations. Few people believe that they can get a good deal from someone they do not believe to be a good person. Key Secret: People have to you before they can buy your products. Non verbal communication

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